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Death by Escalator!


lol. I was at Barnes & Noble yesterday and -- being a complete geek for paranormal and horror novels -- had an armful of books (okay, it was more like two or three). Anyway, I had finished checking the fiction section, and was just getting on the escalator to head back to the first floor.


I got on. Started my descent. Glanced through the back covers to read more about the books I'd nabbed.

And, as I had picked up my sister's OCD-ish tendencies, I usually prefer not to hold onto the guardrail. Rail? Armrest? Anyway, perhaps there's a reason for that safety precaution.

The power went out.

The escalator came to a sudden halt.

Due to momentum, my body did not. I pitched forward. From the top of the escalator.

Can we say, faaaak?

People say their lives flash before their eyes.

Hah. That's a load of bull. The only things flashing before my eyes were lots of metal stairs and the titles "Needful Things" and "Blood Noir" tumbling down the escalator.

Anyway, I was lucky because a middle-aged man was a few steps in front of me, and I suppose I shrieked or something because he held onto both sides and barricaded the front for me.

I collided with his back before grabbing onto the rails.

Assuming he wasn't there and I'd cracked my neck on the tiles of B&N and became a paraplegic, think I could sue B&N? Haha. I kid. >_> Yay for not being physically injured. My pride, however, is a different story.
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Ban me! Ban me!

Wow. Just... wow.

So, according to this article, a Singaporean woman's getting whipped for drinking beer in public, in Malaysia. Six lashes of the "rotan" including a fine.

I wonder if men fall under the same "Section 136".

The law is cool. Whatev. I can respect another country's law, even if I don't agree with it. And, if I'm visiting the country, I believe you should follow that country's laws.

However. LOL. At one of the replies:

"I agree with this law.

It is time we ban women behaving promiscuously in night spots.

What you want girls??? want to be screwed right? just say it lah.

Dont have to buy so expensive sexy dress and buy so expensive drink and spend so much time into the wee hours.... just to be screwed right???"

This was posted by Sinkapoorean. It's his opinion -- and hey, I can respect that.

So, just because a woman wants to feel confident and sexy, and wears a sexy dress, and buys an expensive drink ('cos, you know, it has nothing at all to do with perhaps the fact that she may like the drink), she's a promiscuous thang who wants to get banged.

It has nothing to do with maybe just meeting some guys and catching their interest. Or feeling good about being attractive.


Mmm, baby, oh baby. Hand me that "so expensive sexy" black dress and "so expensive" vodka, now. :D

I like how putting on a sexy dress and drinking an expensive drink is promiscuous.

And, you know, hey, if a guy's wearing an expensive suit and tossing back that expensive drink, he's probably considered well-off and privileged. Promiscuous? A man? Never!

Second, he wants to ban women behaving promiscuously in night spots. Well, where do you draw the line at promiscuous? Putting on a sexy dress and buying an expensive drink? Well, define sexy and expensive? What becomes too sexy, too expensive? I'm sorry, did you want your women garbed from head to toe? -_-

It sounds like Sinkapoorean needs to get laid, and begrudges well-dressed women with cock(not his)tails in hand.

So, fine. Maybe I don't see things from this kid's perspective because I wasn't raised in whatever society (gee, think he could be from Singapore?), but I guess this is my feminist side coming out (look! Feminist!Mae's out of the closet now :D).

If you can't play with the big girls, don't hate.

LCD - Rawr!


I'm at work. Between tasks until my supervisors are done with their meeting.

I am also fantasizing about buying some munchies/junkfood. XD

Anyway. I've been running a lot, and feeling proud about it. :D emerald_knot has me training with her and her mom for the ING half-marathon coming up next year, January 31st.

This is the first time I've ran seriously, and trained. Actually, this is the first time I've ran with any kind of schedule. I typically hate running (I much, much, much prefer to swim or jog on an elliptical).

This past Saturday, Erin, her mother, and I cleared six miles. :D Within an hour and ten minutes. That's probably slow, but we've only been training for a little over two weeks. I was astounded -- astounded! -- to see the results, though. Two weeks ago, Saturday, we attempted four miles. Erin's mom and I floundered. XD Our running group hit the two mile mark while we trailed behind them, saw them turn around, and didn't even bother trying to get to the marker. We simply turned around, and watched as the rest of our group caught up to us, then passed us.

But! This past Saturday, we completed the entire six miles without lagging. :) Erin also force-fed us three "Senzu" jelly beans (Okay, okay, so they're Sports Beans XD) to re-energize us halfway through. I think that really helped 'cos I was super bouncy and never "hit the wall" during the run. Which is something pretty amazing, considering the fact that two weeks ago, I couldn't even complete the four miles without walking a good portion of it.

At the moment, we're running on a 5:1 system (five minutes jogging, one minute walking, repeat).

I hate running. But I love seeing the changes. :D

Hopefully, too, I'll lose some weight. I don't see much fat disappearing off my belly or from the scale, but I'll take what I can get. Which, at this point, is just looser jeans. u_u

XD Anyway, I'm thinking I ought to cross-train between running days (which is Mon/Weds/maybe Thursdays/Saturdays). So maybe Tuesday/Fridays I lift weights or something? Erin brought up swimming, but I don't know where I could go to get access to a good-sized pool. And I don't really want to swim alone at MDC. And my pool isn't long enough. A couple strokes after streamline, and I'm on the other side already, lol.

But swimming would be really nice. XD Maybe I could get back into swimming shape and do a tri one day. >__>
Can't Stop Me

Of Flies and Schnauzes

Or however you spell it.


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Anyway, I've been dieting and exercising. Erin's dragging me off to participate in the ING half-marathon at the end of Jan, next year.

>_>; Yeah. Ran 4 miles this past Saturday. Longest distance, for me, evarrr. Took a damn hour, too. XD

Week one of diet is over, and I lost about four pounds, according to my scale. Want to ditch about another 16 pounds. >__> May be too much, but I think I'll just keep dieting until my stomach is flat(ter).

It is such a bitch to deal with the fact that the weight doesn't just melt off in a snap. The diet isn't hard, and neither is the exercising. It's the fact that it takes time. u_u


An idea sparks.

Buahaha. I just thought of how I could update my art and have it all in one place [and not just on one site, IE LJ]. I could just stick it all behind an LJ cut on here, and then update this one, and link future updates to this one whenever I want to show el pictoros. Right? Right? Good idea, ne?

Anyway. Here's all the uploaded stuff I have. If I'm able to get my hands onto a scanner, then I'll re-scan some of the crappier resolutioned ones. :)

*humps modern technology* All images are uploaded using ImageShack or PhotoBucket.

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